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Food Adventure #7: Crif Dogs 
Hands down, the best hot dogs I ever had so far & I don’t even like hot dogs. I got introduced to this place two weeks ago when I was celebrating my birthday with one of my girlfriends, Diana. After we got some drinks from 10 degrees, we made some new friends who wanted to treat us to our first time at Crif Dogs (which was just a few stores down). SO sweet of them, right? :)
First things first, you have got to get your hot dogs bacon-wrapped. You just have to do it. I went back a second time with my girlfriends this past weekend and we got bacon-wrapped everything; one Crif Dog with avocado, one with cole slaw (my favorite), & another one called the Good Morning with a fried egg & American cheese. We also got a side of chili cheese fries but I liked their tator tots better. Crif Dogs is like one of those small hidden gems in the city that you wouldn’t really notice unless you were starving from one drunken night haha but yeah, check the place out. The inside is small but it’s pretty chill & fun with arcade games at the front and you’ll never believe what’s in/behind the telephone booth but..Please don’t tell ;)

Located on 113 Saint Marks Place

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    I have probably walked past this place a bunch of time. SMH! Well this is my second place to try out.
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  6. mrdrprofessorjack said: yo - Shirley and I always pass by there when going to the crepes (Motek) down the block - how is it?
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